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Darci Carlson Band

Rane Stone – Heroes

KISW Houseband – The New Originals- Live

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These guys are opening for Adam Bomb this Saturday March 7 @ Flights Pub in Everett.This video was from back in May of 2009. These guys are fantastic and I can’t wait to bandCAM them again.

Belles Will Ring’s Music Video for “Come to the Village”

Belles Will Ring‘s Music Video for “Come to the Village”
from their album Crystal Theatre:

Purchase song on iTunes:

Directed by Aimee-Lee X. Curran –

Cinematography by Benjamin Zadig –
(official website under construction).

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Canon L Series f/2.8 16-35mm Zoom.
Canon L Series f/2.8 24-70mm Zoom.
Canon EF f/1.4 50mm.

Filtration: Circular Polarizer.

Graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

Foo Fighters – End Session 2003 –

This is Foo Fighters captured live at the Fenix Underground, Seattle, Washington USA on July 15th 2003. It was a private radio sponsored performance that took place during the early afternoon.  They also performed that night at the coliseum or Key Arena or whatever the big venue was at the time. Invitation to this event was limited to listeners of the radio station who won tickets calling in.  The quality of the video is pretty lousy. No tripod, no time to gain adjust or white balance, and constant fear of getting the booted for unauthorized videoing.  It is certainly not my finest work but the audio is pretty good because we captured directly off the sound board and mixed w/ cam audio during post. The best part of this video is near the end (around 4:10) where Dave Grohl assaults the radio DJ with a barrage of expletives on live radio.

I had worked at the Fenix Underground informally for a number of years and when the opportunity came to run video for this special event, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Foo Fighters are one of my all-time favorites.  About an hour left before showtime, when I thought this is WAY too good to be true, BANG, the management of the band tells the Fenix Management that absolutely no video gear is allowed. We tried to plea that what we were doing with cams was real-time videography that is projected and/or displayed throughout club and that it wouldn’t be recorded. They weren’t buying it, so we were shut down. (Smart move on their part because we were soo going to record that sh*t.)  Now the show is getting ready to start and I am standing on the balcony feeling rather dejected but still happy to see Foo Fighters in such an intimate setting.  Next thing I know I see my buddy (actual Fenix employee) bounding up the stairs with a camcorder.  He hands it to me and says get what ever you can before they shut you down. With camcorder in hand, I positioned myself right next a person who was working for the band and was working both a camera and a camcorder. He looked at me for a second an then asked. “So you working for the club?”. I replied, “Yes sir”  trying to look has confident has possible. He kind of gave me a puzzled look and then went back to what he was doing.  A few minutes later I was approached by a club manger and she asked “Are you working with the band” . I replied “yes, Maam. Thank You!” . I shot her my best disgusted and annoyed look. I was also still standing right next to the band photographer who didn’t hear the exchange because of the din of the music and the crowd.  I was soo lucky to get away with it . I was reluctant to share this video for some time because I  didn’t want to burn any bridges w/ the Fenix.  Now more than 8 years later don’t think there is any reason not to share lovely bit of guerrilla video. I dedicate this to Dr. Jon of HPX . Thx for teaching me all the stuff about video you can’t learn in books!


Reaching all the way back to 2004 on this one. Autozamm hail from Auckland, New Zealand. Autozamm members are
Nick Major – Guitar Vox
Mike Carpinter – Guitar Vox
Rusty – Bass/Vox
Richard Orr – Drums
Stephen Small – Keys and awesomeness

This video was made by Ed Davis and his Underbelly production company. Be sure to check out the links below for more info about the band and producer . (especially the making of video)  The man is an absolute genius and I love everything about this video. Great location, great production, great editing, original concept.The video was shot on location in Karori, Wellington, New Zealand. It was created in a circa WWII gun emplacement at the now historical site of Wright Hills Fortress. The video was shot inside what is basically the foundation of one of 3 huge turret gun housings. Two huge 9.2 inch guns were installed by the Army in 1944, after arriving by ship fom England. The whole gun weighed 135 tons, with the barrel alone weighing 28 tons. The order for the third gun was cancelled after an improvement in the Pacific war situation. The guns could fire a 380 pound (172 kg) shell up to 18 miles (30 km) across Cook Strait towards Tory channel, or up as far as Plimmerton. Each shell was about three feet (1 metre) long and was propelled by two half charges of 62 pounds (28kg) of cordite. The guns of course never fired in anger but were test fired, each with three rounds, in 1946 and 47 after the War. The Army reported later that the “proofings,” as they were called, were “most satisfactory”. Broken windows resulted at the Fortress after the blasts.  The Fortress was used for training purposes up to the mid 1950’s but a Government decision in early 1960 resulted in the guns being cut up for scrap and being sold, ironically, to the Japanese. The gun emplacements were filled with rubble and other equipment removed from the Fortress.

Here is a picture from 1957. It would have been an incredible experience to be able to climb around one of these monster guns.

Band History and Activity

• TVNZ are currently using their latest single “Breathe” as their backing track for all TV promotion in August. The ballad will be used for four weeks starting, keep your ears peeled for this super seductive new offering.
• Latest single “Breathe” Top 10 iTunes Rock charts.
• Single “Want it Need it” from their 3rd Album was the 5th most added song to radio in its debut week of release, and #21 on NZ Charts in its first week on Radio!
• 5th Degree – their 3rd Album is due for release October 2010.
• Closer to Home was a #1 single at radio last year. 1 AC airplay, 17 overall airplay, 2 NZ airplay and crossing multi formats into pop and adult airplay. Big song that is becoming a crowd favourite and a bonafide AUTOZAMM anthem
• DRAMA QUEEN Album released March 2008 NZ.
• KILLER SHOES single top 5 ROCK, top 20 overall airplay, and top 5 NZ airplay.
• DISCO single top 5 ROCK, top 40 overall airplay, top 5 NZ airplay.