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These guys are opening for Adam Bomb this Saturday March 7 @ Flights Pub in Everett.This video was from back in May of 2009. These guys are fantastic and I can’t wait to bandCAM them again.

Adam Bomb coming to Flights Pub in Everett

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See Adam Bomb featuring Scott Earl (formerly TKO & Culprit)
@ Flights Pub in Everett (7601 Evergeen Way, Everett, Washington 98203)

Saturday, March 7th @ 9:00PM


Bullit County 2009

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Flashback to 2009. Bullit County is the band. Redline Music and Sports was the location. The tavern closed and has since reopened has Redline West Seattle. No trace of the band since 2011 . The video was done with 2 different format CAMs. One HDV (1440×1080) and one SD (720×480). In the final mix I decided to stay in  HDV  sequence settings and upscale the SD footage. To complicate matters, they both have different aspect ratios. After upscaling the SD to match the heigth of HDV, I was left with gaps on either side. That is why all the crazy side edit effects.


Randy Hansen Live @ Jazzbones 2015

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Here is another cut from local guitar phenom Randy Hansen.  This video was created at Jazzbones,  a seminal Blues/Jazz nightclub in the heart of Tacoma.   (2803 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406 ) .  It was a rather cramped environment to work in. The front of the stage has very little room before it becomes a sea of restaurant tables with narrow passage ways. It’s as if the place was configured for Jazz mode not Rock mode(so that’s why they call it jazzbones I guess).  This video will show you exactly what I am taking about has Randy exits the stage and entertains the audience for a brief period. The biggest challenge of this shoot was simply finding a decent place to set up that didn’t obstruct someones “sitting down from the table” view.

So here are the lessons that I am absorbing from this experience.  1) Get there early… I arrived there after the warm-up band was already playing so I couldn’t really set set-up in front until they where done. I could have had a better spot to shoot and less stress dealing with people who where concerned I would block their view. 2.) Utilize a large (24″ or greater  HD monitor that would act has a viewing portal for people whose views might otherwise be obstructed. I have done this in the past but under normal venue circumstances I found it was more of a pain to deal with than its worth. Right now I use an Ikan D7w 7″ field monitor which  has an HDMI loop-thru so I can run the aforementioned large monitor anywhere I want.  The next step up from that would be to use a wireless HDMI transmission system and deliver to  HD monitor(s) strategically located so no patron should suffer the indignity of having their seated view compromised.

Randy Hansen Live @ Jazzbones Tacoma, WA USA 02/06/2015

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We’ve been away far to long. Here is a repost of the first cut of Randy Hansen as posted originally on We are currently working on the second cut “foxy lady” and will post it here on the official bandCAM blog as soon has it is done.

Randy Hansen is a phenomenal guitar player best known for his Jimi Hendrix rock tribute act. His current US band line up is Rick Spano on drums and Kevin John Adams on bass. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Randy on several occasions. He is one bad cat both on and off the guitar. One of my favorite times was the Egg Lake Shake festival @ Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Not only did we get to watch him play a show but he came and jammed out at our campsite. He a great guitar player, he is a great person. He is very approachable, friendly and easy to strike conversation with. Randy recently turned 60 and there is no indication that he is stopping any time soon, which is a good thing, because his type of energy, dedication and enthusiasm never goes out of style. Thank you for another outstanding performance my friend. To find out more about Randy Hansen go to his website @ or click his facebook links conveniently provided under the video.

Don’t forget to click the HD button on the upper right of the player for best quality!

Belles Will Ring’s Music Video for “Come to the Village”

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Belles Will Ring‘s Music Video for “Come to the Village”
from their album Crystal Theatre:

Purchase song on iTunes:

Directed by Aimee-Lee X. Curran –

Cinematography by Benjamin Zadig –
(official website under construction).

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Canon L Series f/2.8 16-35mm Zoom.
Canon L Series f/2.8 24-70mm Zoom.
Canon EF f/1.4 50mm.

Filtration: Circular Polarizer.

Graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

Cumberland River

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Cumberland River members:

Jamie Dean – lead and banjo
Dustin Middleton – lead vocals and mandolin
Joey Jones – bass
Jamie Stewart -Dobro
Andy Buckner – Guitar, lead and harmony vocals
Brad Gulley- has replaced Andy Buckner  since filming of the video

Cumberland official Youtube channel
Rural Rhythm Records
Hope River Entertainment


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